Listen Less.

Hear More.

We process 3 types of input continually:

Every thinking person recognizes the difference when only meaningful information finds its way inside your head.

Who hasn't searched for a single important paper amongst many other papers? Only one has greater importance but they all look too much the same unless scrutinized closely. Or failed to get the attention of a friend across the street when your shout is drowned out by all the surrounding conversations, music, traffic, and so on?

We will NOT abandon the pursuit of new input when it comes to our own entertainment, education, hobbies, professional and other personal interests... so abstinence is not an option.

How can we find QUALITY CONTENT in an easy and fun way?

Simply the BEST tool to find and play new and classic podcast highlights... plus much, MUCH MORE!

Listen Less. Hear More.

Ahem. It's a lie.

You might listen to less of any single podcast for any given episode, but you'll soon find yourself listening to more episodes and more podcasts AND LISTENING TO THE HIGHLIGHT CLIPS MULTIPLE TIMES. After all, that's what we always do with quality material: enjoy it OVER and OVER AGAIN!

So, we're only STARTING with podcasts. It's a growing, well-defined, smart market. It will serve as the initial demonstration of the power and potential of presenting clear, comprehensive, and accessible information to a thinking audience. Our ultimate goal is to change the world by changing how it views itself. Seriously. It's all about PERSPECTIVE.

(Wait until you see podDVR in action before making up your mind... you'll see the future just as we do.)